Freshly squeezed Creative Juices
every day since 1997

A freelance, South Florida-based Graphic Design Professional
with extensive experience in digital, print and collateral design.

Corporate Identity

Building identity awareness with simple yet distinctive designs

• Logo Design

• Branding

• Corporate Identity

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Print Advertising

Creating eye-catching and creative advertising solutions for your product or service

• Newspaper Advertising

• Magazine Advertising

• Point-of-Sale Advertising

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Collateral Material

Collateral material that will help you connect with your audience while enhancing your brand identity

• Brochures

• Postcards

• Display Posters

• Presentation Folders

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Animated Videos

Corporate animated videos are an effective component of digital signage marketing that helps inform customers about newly-available products.

• In-Branch Lobby Videos

• Movie Theater Advertising

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a vital component of marketing that utilizes dynamic websites and targeted formats such as e-vites and advertising banners to promote products and services.

• Websites 

• E-vites

• Banner Advertising 

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Always Juiced Up!

For 23 years now, I have strived to create marketing solutions that bear fruit. Whether it’s branding, collateral, print advertising or online, my approach has been simple - always tailor services to the unique needs of each valued client in order to better connect with the consumer. I take  time to understand your needs, research your business and sector, compare apples and oranges, and then get the creative juices flowing!


I am juiced up and ready to go!